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Dr.Fone 11.4.8 Crack Version Free Download [Updated] 2022

Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Torrent + Crack Free Download [Latest]

Free download Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Crack is an application used for multiple purposes data transfer, Data recovery, offline and online data recovery of the Android and Apple iOS devices. Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Torrent help and supports to manages, Music, SMS, Photos, Videos, Apps, Call Logs. Wondershare Dr. Fone 11.4.8 has a straightforward to make use of interface that may be navigation by customers of all ranges of experience. It’s lightweight and doesn’t use a great number of system assets. General, this moderately great tool package may get you out of some sticky state of affairs on the subject of knowledge restoration to your system.

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Android 11.4.8 Android Phone Communication

Today the cell phone companies introduced new cell phones we the people want to sell the old phone and want to purchase the new phone but the change or upgrade a phone is a tough task and so time-consuming activity because the user if need to transfer the data from Android to Android phone we need a time and tools to transfer the data and also need tension for managing the data means to copy the data from same place old phone to the same place on the new phone so copy one by one folder and copy the data so the Dr. Fone 11.4.8 is the friend for you to reduce the time and very effective auto managed the folders and contacts , music , videos , and photos , Apps, Call Logs.


iPhone to iPhone Communication

Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Crack 2021 is an application that will also be used for iPhone to iPhone communication this is a big one easy tool instead of iTunes its’s an easy and user-friendly application. Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Cracked 2021 help and support to communicate with iPhone to iPhone, The most of the users know that iTunes is an application used to transfer iPhone with PC, Mac Book but its too technical and not for easy for an unknown person who doesn’t have an idea about the technical issues of the iTunes.

Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Torrent is an application easy to install and no need to install the basic drivers and just install and plug and play your device the big feature of the application is just drag and drop the data on the explorer-like, Music, Videos, Photos, and Applications too. Dr. Fone 11.4.8 also supports the file explorer in the main explorer You can upload or import or export the files too in Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Crack. Dr. Fone 11.4.8 is also best for the user for both windows and macOS this will work same on the each platform.

Dr. Fone 11.4.8 could also work for the Tools kit with additional features and we will discuss in the next sessions.

Download Wondershare Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android 10.5.0

Android to iPhone Transfer data

Now for Android to iPhone transfer, it’s not an easy task that needs more technical knowledge and because both have their own psychology and restriction but Android is having some extend issue but iPhone its have too big issues and you can’t manage the data transfer it’s too tough. Dr. Fone 11.4.8 help and support too to transfer both different plate forms data very easy and fast and managed way that you can just switch very easily from your old android phone to iPhone by using Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Cracked 2021

Dr. Fone Data Recovery

Dr. Fone 11.4.8 another robust feature is Data Recovery which is so good and efficient in working and progress is so effective. Dr. Fone 11.4.8 data recovery is used for android and iPhone and both are having the same features and it has two main features.

Normal Scan and Recovery

The normal scan feature is used when you are recently deleted or formatted the phone means just one to two mints and you have also no use after resetting the phone or deleted the files then this option used for so good and gives you productivity mostly of the peoples are thinking

that the data not recovered and why is the reason of this than this is actually the technical thing is when you format or deleted the files then the tracks will be free up and then new tracks are ready to generate and data will be pasted on the new tracks this will make and issue for data recovery.

Dr.Fone for Android 10.0.9 - Download for PC Free

Deep Scan data recovery

Dr. Fone 11.4.8 cracked 2021 provides a feature that the deep scan for the data recovery this option mostly works and due to reason, it takes too much time. The psychology of the option is when you deleted or formatted your data then please don’t use the phone more and make it turn off and don’t use the phone more. Now open Dr. Fone 11.4.8 and connect your phone with laptop windows or mac OS than used the option recovery as described in the picture and then use the first normal scan and see the results if the results showed that there is no file in the scan result then you have to go to scan the deep scan and take your time to scan and this option will take much time its depends on the size of the data, for example, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB almost 20 mints for 32 GB and almost 30-40 mints for 64GB and more than one hours for 128 and 256 GB respectively.

Dr. Fone Data Eraser

Dr. Fone 11.4.8 also has a good feature for your security when you are desired to sell your phone and want to don’t recover the people your phone and Dr. Fone 11.4.8 helps you to format the phone in the deep level of or low-level formatting to make secure your data from the unauthorized access the people use the option from their internal option rest phone this will work but you can also recover the data too or another person can recover the data and can miss-use of your data too so be secure and try to manage the data security and keep safe your information.

Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Toolkit for iOS.

Dr. Fone 11.4.8 provides the big tools kit for iOS means this tool kit provide this tool kit consist of major tools which are very productive and nice features for iOS

  1. Data Recovery for iOS Devices
  2. iOS System Recovery
  3. iOS Data Backup & Restore
  4. iOS Screen Recorder
  5. iOS Private Data Eraser
  6. iOS Full Data Eraser
  7. iOS WhatsApp transfer and Backup and Restore feature
  8. Line Data backup and restore
  9. Kik data backup and restore
  10. Viber data backup and restore
  11. Android data recovery
  12. Android data extraction
  13. Android SIM Unlock feature
  14. Android root processing
  15. Android screen lock remover
  16. Android data eraser
  17. Android Data backup and data Recovery
  18. Screen Recorder

What the Features of Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Crack

  1. Expel the bolt screen from your Android/iOS, independent of you recall the secret phrase or not.
  2. Fix iOS that are different independent from anyone else inside five entire minutes, for example, stuck at Apple logo, information recuperation mode circling, and so on.
  3. Root Android os gadgets just in a single tick (7000 gadgets bolstered) to help extend modify your unit and discharge the Android is altogether potential.
  4. Recuperate erased data from iOS/Android gadgets, iTunes/iCloud reinforcement records just as broken Android gadgets.
  5. Exchange contacts, SMS, photographs, music, video, just as additional between your iOS/Android os and PC/iTunes.
  6. A single tick to exchange data between any two items that run iOS or Android, including associations, correspondences, photographs, and so forth.
  7. Likewise, Backup information to iOS or Android gadgets effectively alongside reestablishes reinforcement documents specifically to any gadget.
  8. For all time eradicate what you might want your iPhone, iPad, or Android gadgets, entire gadgets, or part of the data, keeping up your protection decidedly secure.

Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Working Keys 2021

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  4. 5qSgVHTHYQA4qodTcjoKYAWEta0w9z81
  5. WRyTkmysOMQsEfBcqtCDhpDy7cJwBnWd
  6. 2r6xVI9JDu4PgwP30naozz7lAH8HMR3U
  7. 16SKiWTkXxCzey8YO4rzof0VcRykbchl
  8. YxD4123Xx4FruOnRml12XHKVORfNOFBl

Minimum System Requirements

  1. Hard Disk: 1 GB or more
  2. Android 5.0 and previous.
  3. CPU: 1 GHz for 32 bit or 64 bit
  4. Smash Minimum: 256 MB (1028 MB Recommended).
  5. Name: Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Crack
  6. Document measure: 7.59 MB (7,590000 bytes)
  7. Necessities: Android, iOS
  8. Dialects: Multiple dialects
  9. Additionally Download: Disk Drill Crack


  1. Accommodating devices and activities
  2. Incredible help gives amazing guidance


  1. Some time system has been gone to sleep mode
  2. Some countries have not allowed use as commercial product

How to Crack & Install?

  1. Download Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Crack  from the link available on this site
  2. You will also have the original installation of the software that can be obtained
  3. Paste to the installation folder and replace original files.
  4. Activate to full version.
  5. Enjoy.

Author’s Final Conclusion

The author recommends Dr. Fone 11.4.8 Crack for all of you. Therefore, you can use it without any payment. We also have a crack version of WinRar that you can download from the link.

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